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A big thank you to all those who have donated to help us help Kiwi's reach their potential

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  • FreemanX Foundation - Giving new meaning to the 'Tall Poppy Syndrome'
    ~ 11 Apr 2012
    It gives us great pleasure to launch the FreemanX Foundation!

    Our Vision...

    We aim to support and develop a new wave of Kiwi ambition.

    We believe we all live in a fantastic country and that the people of New Zealand have so much to offer. We want to provide a place to help nurture and develop our tall poppies.

    By providing them an additional avenue of support to achieve at their best, as well as a place to expose and celebrate their success, we hope that others will find inspiration from that success and embark on their own journeys with new found passion.

    It doesn't matter to us whether someone is excelling in sport, arts, music, or science... it's about enabling success, celebrating it, and using it to inspire a nation.

    What We Do...

    Direct support
    We provide individuals or groups who are performing at the upper end of their fields and can show prior results the opportunity to apply for additional support by way of goods or services.
    We don't give money directly, however we can help in purchasing material goods or services. For example it may be flights and accommodation to attend an international competitio...
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